Inter Lubric China 2022

The 22nd China International Lubricants and Technology Exhibition

June 8-10, 2022
Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing

Booth Reservation Process

Step 1:Contact us

Please call us or send us an e-mail with your company information.
We can then provide you with the Exhibition Brochure, an up-to-date floor plan and other needed information.

Step 2 : Choose Booth

INTER LUBRIC CHINA Team will recommend you an appropriate booth depends on your services, products and needs.
You can choose raw space or a shell scheme booth.

  • Raw Space ≥18 sqm: Exhibitors need to design and construct their own booth.A raw space booth can better reflect your company’s strength and brand image.
  • Shell Scheme booth ≥9 sqm: Organizers will set up the booth for exhibitors using our standard booth template.

Step 3 :Sign Contract

Sign the booth contract and exhibitors need to pay 50% exhibition fee in 15 days.

Step 4 :Prepare for Exhibition

Exhibitor needs to provide catalogue information, badge information and other necessary information onsite or by e-mail according to the ‘Exhibitor Guide’.

Mr. Kerley Zhang
电话:+86 21 62951239

Booth Booking

Shanghai Intex Exhibition Company Co., Ltd
Address: Floor 11, New Town Mansion, 55 Lou Shan Guan Road, Shanghai 200336, P.R.China

Booth Price

AreaSpace Only(USD)Shell Scheme(USD)
S2,500/9 ㎡250/㎡
A2,300/9 ㎡230/㎡
B2,000/9 ㎡200/㎡

Space Only:

Space Rental,Security,Exhibitor Passes.Booth Minimum Size: 18㎡.

Shell Scheme:

Space rental,Security,Exhibitor Passes,Stand Construction and Dismantling,2.5-meter-high Partition Wall,1 Carpet,2 Information Table,2 Folding Chairs,Fascia with Company Name Both in Chinese and English,2  Spotlights,1 Power Socket,1 Wastebasket.Booth Minimum Size: 9㎡.

Please Note:

  •  Advertisement and Sponsorship Opportunities:The brochure includes online and offline advertisment(Such as show badge,Tickets Ad,Wechat,Website Ad etc).If you are interested, please download the ‘Advertisement and Sponsorship Opportunities’ or send an e-mail to us.