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The world is now focusing greater attention on China as its successful efforts to effectively deal with the epidemic become clearer. Following the “Two Sessions” national conference, China’s socioeconomic development has continued to improve, with the resumption of industry and revival of the economy. It is under these auspicious circumstances that the Lube Focus Summit will be held October 22nd to 24th at the TongLi Lake Resort in Suzhou. We invite you to bear witness to the evolution of the lubricants industry, where the industry will congregate to share views and showcase cutting-edge technologies, with key topics to include: adapting to the reform of China’s lubricants market, creating new opportunities out of existing challenges, and forecasting market development trends.

The summit will incorporate multiple forums, including: the ‘International Lubricant Industry Development Conference’; the ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Brand Development Conference’; the ‘Metal-Working Fluid (MWF) Forum’; and the ‘Tax Issues Briefing for Chemical Companies’, as well as various bespoke technical seminars and boutique display areas for the benefit of the entire industry.

Concurrent Events:

China International Lubricants,Base Oils & Additives Conference

In the near future, new energy sources and the electric vehicle (EV) boom will create new niche markets for vehicle and industrial lubricants. As for mechanical lubricants, industrial demand will grow rapidly in line with increased demand for construction machinery under massive continued investment on “New Infrastructure” by the Chinese government. This summit will provide authoritative lubricant industry trend analysis and forecasting alongside cutting-edge technology product releases and industry experience sharing, as well as highlighting the latest lubricant standards and developments with hybrid power lubricants, base oils, additives and related testing technologies.

China Metalworking Fluid Technology Development Summit

The China MWF Forum is committed to promoting the development of environmentally friendly cutting fluids and building a green manufacturing system. Past speakers include leaders from: STLE, Fuchs, Quaker, Houghton, Schaeffler, SAIC, Afton, Angus, Solvay, Shell, Lubrizol, DOW, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Science & Technolgy, Sinopec, Bao Steel and many others.

OEM Brand Development Conference

The OEM Branding Development Conference is convened to highlight current lubricant production and resource integration, and will feature a display area focusing on OEM capacity, manufacture, technology, logistics, storage, and marketing services. It aims to foster business cooperation and match making between brand owners and big dealers and distributors. Influential leaders and experts are invited to share their views and experience on topics including “How to select a dependable OEM partner”, “Production line and packaging design”, “Competitive pricing formulation”, “Low cost rapid investment and promotion”, “How to inspire dealers to upgrade sales”, and more.

Technical training

Tailor-Made Promotions

Tailor-Made Promotions such as invitation-only seminars, business matching meetings and new product launches can generate opportunities from clients, create the needed space for fruitful face-to-face meetings and deepen brand influence.

Dealers & Distributors Program

The Dealers & Distributors Program is a social activity geared towards gathering all lubricant industry colleagues through arranged visits, training, business exchange and networking. The organizers will provide a full range of services including meeting space, training, factory tours, OEM match-making, catering and entertainment to 250 qualified dealers and distributors active in China.

Automotive Aftermarket Industry Seminar

Facing up to the fierce competition in the automotive aftermarket, the majority of stores need to upgrade their professionalism to cope with the increasingly complex market environment. This includes such areas as recruitment, equipment training and facility investment. What’s more, in dealing with customers, they also need to set up digitalized processes and embrace new customer services oriented thinking. These issues are of vital importance to strengthening stores’ competitiveness and resilience in all aspects.

The Tax Issues Briefing for Chemical Companies

A large number of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are experiencing pressure developing from internal and external factors. The Chinese government is adopting many favorable benefits to foster these SMEs, and the Tax Issues Briefing will help interested companies to understand the latest beneficial policies and overcome business difficulties. The briefing has capacity for only 50 seats, first come first served.

Bright Futures

Bright Futures is a positive campaign launch ceremony for business recovery and renewal within the lubricants industry. The organizers hope to restore confidence and determination from industry professionals to march forward towards a bright future. Pre-booking required.

Boutique Display Booths

Consider a display booth to attract real business, enhance your visibility, improve your negotiation position, encourage deeper cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit, and get the recognition and deals that your business needs.

Conference Floor Plan

1F The Industry Conference Exhibition Area

2F The Industry Conference Exhibition Area

3F The Industry Conference Exhibition Area

Metalworking Fluid Forum Area

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