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Brenntag is a global leader in chemical distribution across all major industries with a broad product line and portfolio of services. Headquartered in Essen, Germany, the global network covers more than 530 workplaces in 74 countries. The group had about 15, 000 employees in 2017, achieving global sales of 11.7 billion euros ($13.3 billion). Brenntag connects chemical manufacturers and end users to support their customers and suppliers with industrial and specialty chemicals customized distribution solutions. With over 10, 000 chemicals and world-class suppliers, Brenntag offers one-stop solutions to about 185, 000 customers worldwide. This includes specific application technologies, extensive technical support and value-added services, such as just-in-time delivery, product blending, formulation customization, packaging, inventory management and cycle barrel supply solutions. Our long experience combined with the local advantages of each country to achieve Brenntag’s market leadership in the chemical distribution industry.

Our business model:

Our philosophy:

➣ safety first
➣ leadership and responsibility
➣ employee involvement and ownership
➣ excellence
➣ honesty and responsibility
➣ create value for partners

Our products

Grease lubricant ingredient additive
Three types of Neste base oils
NYCO synthetic ester
Dober antifreeze additive
YPF polyisobutylene
Exxon Mobil solvent
Exxon Mobil acids and alcohols
Dow solvent
Taken the lubricating oil
High temperature chain oil
Two stroke engine oil
Insulating working fluid
Biodegradable hydraulic oil
Grease industrial lubricant
The hydraulic oil
Gear oil
Turbine oil
Heat conduction oil
Air compressor oil
Working fluid (oil)

Brenntag booth number: N3D72


19th China international lubricants
And the application technology exhibition:

Inter Lubric China international lubricants and application technology exhibition is the most authoritative, large-scale and international professional brand exhibition in China’s lubricants industry. The organizers are China petrochemical lubricants corporation, China petroleum lubricants corporation and Shanghai branch of China council for the promotion of international trade. In Shanghai, guangzhou and Beijing, the exhibition has been on tour for 18 years.
25,000+ domestic and foreign lubricant-related brand enterprises to participate in the exhibition
Over 150,000 square meters of exhibition scale
200,000+ professional sellers at home and abroad
120+ various professional conferences

Dedicated to lubrication, the recognized lubrication circle of the top exchange platform
Intel Lubric China are recognized as lubricating oil industry bellwether industry, top experts from home and abroad, and top brands, is the biggest and most authoritative industry history, scale, international, professional brand exhibition.

Unicom channels, the industry’s largest distribution agent trade network
Inter Lubric China focuses on helping enterprises to develop and explore dealer channels and expand potential partners. Through a series of exciting activities and professional training, and providing  eating, living, traffic one-stop services for free to attract quality sales agents industry resources, to build efficient professional commercial bridge between enterprises and channels
Promote advantages through trade and integrate the big data resources of exhibitors and visitors within the system
Under the jurisdiction of the China council for the promotion of international trade Shanghai branch, has the world’s largest auto exhibition in Shanghai, China international exhibition on die & mould technology and equipment, China international exhibition of auto parts, manufacturing equipment and after-sales service, car networking and intelligent transportation exhibition, and many other leading exhibition sharing data resources.

Exhibition linkage, the concentration of application industry traders and users
In 2018, Intel Lubric China in Shanghai new international expo center, will be in the same period four linkage, the exhibition sharing from orbit transportation exhibition, exhibition of tunnel engineering, ship exhibition, exhibition of drive four application industry circulation enterprises and user audience.

Organizer: Shanghai international exhibition center co. LTD
Address: 11th floor, 55 loushanguan road, Shanghai (200336)
Contact person: miss Lin qing qing, miss guo yuting, miss cao lina, miss gu yuan, Mr. Liu jun

Telephone: 021-62952005,
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021-62952132 021-62953731,
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