Dear Lubricant Enterprise:

Welcome to the 19th China International Oil Lubrication and Applied Technology Exhibition. It is with your full support and active participation that the exhibition can grow and grow!
Organizers of the exhibition for the distribution agents and lube brand enterprises to customize the public welfare activities “lube oil industry distribution agents elite group action” and “lube oil baby shaking show” is also one of the biggest highlights of the exhibition this year, The challenge will be a good call for the exhibition audience to participate in the exhibition site, achieve the spread of the product, to expand the exhibition brand awareness and influence effect.

I wish you a smooth exhibition, full of home!

Lube oil enterprise welfare activities: lube oil baby shake show, show live stage catwalk, let you stand out in many lube oil enterprises, dealers faster and more accurate to find you, lube oil baby shake show can call on the exhibition scene to participate in the maximum extent of the audience to the exhibition site, It realizes the spread of exhibitors ‘products and achieves the effect of expanding the brand awareness and influence of the exhibition.

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Shaking number: 1219873987
Are you ready? GO! GO! GO! Move your fingers and focus on us.
Focus on real time information about the exhibition and the latest industry developments, where you will encounter different lube focus ~
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WeChat wall value-added services

The lube oil baby catwalks at the same time to carry out the WeChat Wall interaction. The audience pays attention to the lube oil to focus on the public number to publish the views. The WeChat Wall can see the views and suggestions of the audience in real time, and can actively promote dealers to participate in the discussion and share views. You can also use the WeChat Wall to promote the company’s products and greatly enhance the interactive effects and highlights of the venue.

If you want to participate in the dealer agency activities to achieve the maximum effect, we also provide you with the following sponsorship program:
Exclusive advertisement of the Operation Chest of the elite group of distributors
Advertising of guidelines for the activities of elite groups of distributors
• Exclusive sponsorship of the “Red Oil Industry Meeting and Sharing”
• Exclusive sponsorship of the “Industry Oil / Vehicle Oil Distribution Agency Business Development Training”
• “Lubricant Baby Shaking Show” sponsorship
• Corporate tour for distribution agents(including shuttle to and from dealers)
• Exclusive sponsorship of the dealership tour for one day(or two days) exclusive sponsorship of the dealership tour

If your dealer participates in this event, we will provide a one-stop service of accommodation, catering, shuttle, study, communication, dinner, visit, and travel. This is a free public service event for lubricant distributors. In addition to the above rich and exciting agenda, the organizers still provide free accommodation, catering, shuttle buses, learning, exchanges, visits, and tourism services for the distribution agents participating in the elite group’s operations. Let the sale agent friends from all over the country enjoy close and dedicated services.
The lube oil babies meet with you: 2018 national lube oil distribution agent elite group action circle annual party not to be missed. Bring you today’s business opportunities, future development partners!

The final interpretation is owned by the organizer. For more information, please consult: Shanghai National Exhibition Center Co., Ltd..
Contact: Miss Kwok
Tel: 021-62952015