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I ‘d like to mention again that the November Forum is going to be held.
Do not tell me that the time is still early, metal processing liquid forum grab the staff name tag is gone! Hey! Hey! Look at the forum details!

2018 China International Lubrication Oil Industry Development Summit Forum

“2018 China International Lubrication Oil Industry Development Summit Forum” is an important event in the same period of China International Lubrication Oil Products and Applied Technology Exhibition. It has successfully held eight sessions in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, and has received the active support and participation of major companies. The two-day forum will be divided into four major topics: industry trends, basic oil topics, additive topics, oil fluid testing, and related reports..

Time 2018.11.5-11 .6
Venue Shanghai Dongjinjiang Hilton Yilin Hotel

This forum includes Sinopec, PetroChina, Alangxin, Saso, BASF, Mobil, Zhuochuang, Shanghai Baosteel, Huawang, API, Weida, BP Jiashi, Youfu Information Technology, Qicheng, Advanced Lubrication Laboratory and many other companies participated in the speech. At present, the organizing committee is still soliciting reports from various units and the society. It is hoped that professional scholars and experts in the industry will actively participate in the registration.

Review of previous reports(partial)

Industry trend analysis: the development trend of additives at home and abroad, the current situation and development of lubricating grease in China, the new trend report of STLE friction and lubrication engineering, the in-depth research and development prospects of domestic cyclobenzene oil market, and the development opportunities of China’s lubricating oil and basic oil industry, The application and prospect analysis of lubricating oil in five major industries in China.
Basic oil topic: III + Group III + base oil to reduce the cost of low-viscosity lubricants, summary and outlook for the preparation of lubricating materials based on coal-based Feto synthesis, metallocene polyalpha olefins(mPAO): promoting sustainable development, Bring stronger power, longer durability, and application of synthetic esters in modern low-viscosity engine oils.
Oil product inspection related topics: current situation and future prospects of standardization of petroleum product analysis instruments, development and trend of the third party oil and liquid testing laboratory in China, how to select correct standard products for oil and liquid testing, application of new testing techniques for oil and liquid monitoring, etc..
Additives: Introduction of a new type of engine fuel economy modifier, introduction of oil-soluble PAG-MARLOWET M series, lubrication secret behind turbocharged gasoline engine, revision of national standard GL-5 and countermeasures, The relevance of time-related tribological properties and engine program testing were reported.

This year will be held on November 5-6 at the Hilton Yilin Hotel in Dongjin River, Shanghai. Will bring 2018 global lube oil industry’s most authoritative industry trend analysis, as well as the most cutting-edge technology product release and relevant experience sharing.

The speakers of the previous participating reports included China Petroleum Lubricants Branch, China Petrochemical Research Institute, STLE, Zhonghai Petroleum(Taizhou) Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Kelaien, Zhuochuang Information, Ma Petroleum, Shanghai Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences Advanced Lubricating Materials Laboratory, ExxonMobil, Great Croda, Inlux INEOS, Cline Chemical, Dow Chemical, Dalian Northern Analysis Instrument, BASF, Saso, Chevrolet Longaolunnai, Vanderbilt, Lubrizo, Aidike, Aijixi, Runyindi, SGS, Zachary Technology, Sinopec Lubricants Co., Ltd.. Beijing Research Institute, China Petroleum and Lubrication Research Center Shipboard, Deyou Test Detection Technology, API, Anxunsi, China Fukexi, Yimuli Oil Chemical, Temaiqi, Aidike(Shanghai) Investment Co., Ltd., Rhine Chemical, NYCO, Sinopec Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd.. Shanghai Branch, Kopet, EMERY, Runying, Hongze Chemical and so on.

China International Lubrication Oil Industry Development Summit Forum: 4500 yuan / person
Basic course for international professional training in lubricants: $1900 per person
Sign up for forum + training course before October 1. Package price: 6,000 yuan / person

For more information about the forum, please contact:
Miss Gu: 021-62951395;
Miss Lin: 021-62952022;
On November 7-9, 2018, the 19th China International Oil Lubrication and Applied Technology Exhibition paid attention to the development of China’s lubricant industry. Visitors can log on to the official website of the exhibition